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It’s here! The third book in the New York Times-bestselling Book Scavenger series, published on

May 1, 2018! 

July 8, 2018

Event with Gennifer Choldenko!

4:00 PM at Books Inc. in Burlingame

Help Celebrate Book Scavenger’s Birthday!

Sunday, June 2, marks four years since Book Scavenger has been published! Want to help celebrate Book Scavenger’s birthday? Here’s something easy you can do: Hide a book! Any children’s book—it doesn’t have to be part of the Book Scavenger series. Chose a book you’d like to share with others! Here’s what you do: Once you’ve chosen the book you’d like to hide . . . Print out a game plate here. Get a tracking number for your book here. Write the tracking number on the game plate and secure that to your book. Put the book in a plastic […]

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