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My Art Wall

I’ve been having fun watching #alaac15 updates via social media this weekend for the ALA conference in San Francisco. (I’m saving the recently posted speeches from the award winners as my reward for reaching my writing goals today.) I thought this would be a good time to share a photo of the art wall in my office, as you’ll see there’s a “Caldecott 2015” connection so the timing seems appropriate: That upper right print? That’s a Lauren Castillo print that I asked for as a Christmas gift in 2009, I believe. And the bottom left? That’s a Dan Santat print that he sent as a gift to anyone who pre-ordered his graphic novel Sidekicks from his local independent bookstore.… Read the rest

Cool Book Scavenger Happenings!

BOOK HUNT If you are in San Francisco or close enough to venture to the city, there are free Book Scavenger maps being given out at many independent bookstores. (Click here for a list of participating stores, but call first to make sure they still have some to give away. If you aren’t local to San Francisco, you can download the PDF version here, or check back here later because I might be giving some away.) These maps are so cool–designed by the talented Marty Braun–and they look like this: And even more exciting, 100 copies of Book Scavenger have been hidden around San Francisco at the places marked on this map.… Read the rest

Good Reads Giveaway for Book Scavenger!

Macmillan is giving away TEN copies of Book Scavenger through Good Reads! The contest ends on June 10. Visit here for more information:… Read the rest

The Writing View From Here

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50 Books to 50 States Giveaway and Game!

So yesterday I mentioned I have something fun in the works . . .  I’m excited to share the new website for the Book Scavenger series, designed by the awesome Jenny Medford of Websy Daisy. To celebrate the launch of this website, I‘m giving away FIFTY advance copies of Book Scavenger–one to a winner in each state. It’s my hope that the recipients of the advance copies will help launch a book hunting game in the spirit of the one in my novel. You can enter up to five times–read this post to find out all the details! (And if you’re interested, you can also read the first chapter on the About the Book page!)… Read the rest


I was tagged in the Writing Process Blog Tour by one of my talented critique partners, Carrie Pearson. Carrie is an insightful critiquer and a fantastic writer. She’s the author of the picture books, A Warm Winter Tail and A Cool Summer Tail, and I have no doubt there will be many more books with her name on them on bookshelves in the near future. Carrie is also the co-RA for SCBWI-Michigan. I don’t know how she finds time to do it all! Here are my answers to the blog tour questions, and below those, you’ll find the two writers I tagged to answer them next.… Read the rest

What a Week!

I had a brand-spanking new Creative Spaces interview to post last weekend, but then we had an unfortunate turn of events with our beloved dog Jack. We had to say goodbye to our old friend, and all things blog related were shelved in the back of my mind. Jack lived a good 11.5 years. He was a rescue puppy and a sweetheart of a dog. He had this bellowing howl that he gave to friends and strangers alike. He went on nightly skateboarding runs with my husband and loved to trot around our court visiting neighbors (howling his greetings, of course).… Read the rest

What’s in a Room

One of my favorite things Mindy Hardwick shared in her Creative Spaces interview was that she keeps a picture of her childhood room near her desk. What a great idea for inspiration! It reminded me of this photo my parents emailed earlier this year when they saw a present-day photo of the cluttered floor of my office. (Which I was in the middle of organizing, to be fair. But to be even more fair, I am perpetually in the middle of organizing something so I guess it often looks like that.) This was me “cleaning my room”. I think it may have looked better before I started.… Read the rest

15 Days of Giveaways Winners

Congratulations to all the 15 Days of Giveaways winners! Thank you everyone for revisiting these interviews with me and commenting. If you are the winning commenter listed below and have not already done so, please email me with your mailing address so I can send your book out to you. Brand new Creative Spaces interviews will begin again this week, with a new one posted each week. I hope you all enjoy! 15 Days of Giveaways Winners: Trauma Queen: Becky The Snow Show:  Linda Faithful: Veronica That Girl is Different: Amy C. The Grand Plan to Fix Everything: Joanne The Two Bobbies: Amy C. The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister: Portia The Candymakers: Adriana Hot, Hot Roti: Andrea Buglette: Carrie Busing Brewster: Michelle Pirate vs.… Read the rest

15 Days of Giveaways!

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you may remember back when I did Book Cover Bingo. It was an awesome game, and I had tons of fun hosting it. I was excited to do it again, and I would still love to do it again, but it boils down to this: I just don’t have the time.   What makes me feel especially guilty about not hosting another Book Cover Bingo is that I’ve stacked up a very nice pile of books that have been donated from Creative Spaces interviewees for Bingo prizes. My Pile-o-Guilt. I love the authors and illustrators represented in that pile.… Read the rest
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