Because, you know, that’s the dream right?

Here’s a video that I thought was pretty darn funny. It’s about book promotion and even though I haven’t been there yet, it had me laughing out loud. If you’ve had the experience of promoting your own book I think you will either 1.) laugh in solidarity with Mr. Cass or 2.) curl up in a ball on your kitchen floor, pound your fists and wail, “It’s all too much!” I’m not sure which.

And I’ll tell you, I hadn’t heard of Dennis Cass before, but after watching the video I visited his author’s website/blog and now I want to check out his book. Viral marketing works, people! It works! His post “is just now getting the internet” cracked me up. I don’t know how to link to that exact post or I would, but just scroll down a few entries on his website if you want to read it.

I’m still working on my blog savvy and I don’t know if you need to site your sources like you do for research papers, but I found this video on 52 Projects which is a new site to me but looks pretty cool. A good place to find odds and ends of interesting stuff that’s out there.

Here’s the video: