and we’re back

Well, it looks like I took a brief hiatus there. That wasn’t planned. I had a short streak of regular posting and then, hey look it’s August already. I don’t think they gave out awards for regular attendance when I was a kid in school like they do now, and if they did I doubt I was a recipient. And so it shouldn’t be a surprise now that I’m an unlikely candidate for any regular blogging awards, if such a thing exists. It’s always good to have something to aspire to though. If there is an organization out there for underachievers, that should be their slogan.

The Underachievers: We Have More To Aspire To Than The Rest


The Underachievers: We Could Do More, But Then What?


The Underachievers: Where You Can Feel Good About Doing Less

There’s been more keeping me busy these past couple of months than inventing slogans for imaginary support groups though. Just this past week I flew (on a plane) 4 times in 11 days. I’m sure salespeople and flight attendants yawn at those numbers, but it was a bit excessive for me. There was also a week spent with family in Coronado early on in the summer, and another trip to Montana in late June. A visit from my mother and another visit from my in-laws. Planning a shower and a bachelorette party for a dear friend, compiling and editing the next issue of Kite Tales, working on the seemingly endless revisions of my novel. Not to mention the actual paying work and normal day-to-day things that pop up (or break down, as the case may be). And I’ve discovered that marriage is really much more enjoyable when you spend time with your spouse, and that pets respond amazingly well to being fed and taken care of. Who knew?

The bright side of not updating your blog for a couple months is that you accumulate a lot of stories that are potentially interesting for sharing. I’ll do my best to recount some of those, starting with my recent adventure at the SCBWI-LA conference. Recap to commence this week.