When You Reach Me I’ll Be Nursing a Migraine

I had plans for a glorious, productive weekend which came to a screeching halt Saturday afternoon when I got hit by a doozy of a migraine that eventually found me spending my Saturday night in Urgent Care rather than at home reclining with my husband and watching 500 Days of Summer as originally planned. Today I nursed a residual migraine, still woozy from the combination of ceaseless vomiting and morphine the night before. The upside of all this is that today it was snowing, the gray soft light a very welcome thing to someone with a migraine hangover. I spent the entire morning reading in bed as snow fell outside my window. I read When You Reach Me in its entirety which lived up to all the acclaim, surpassed it really. As soon as I had heard someone say they didn’t want to describe too much of the plot for fear of giving anything away, I stopped reading reviews and descriptions of this book. (But had still read enough to know one aspect that I wish I hadn’t known in advance. It’s a book I would have liked to have gone into without any expectations whatsoever.) But it was a marvelous read, and I never would have given myself permission to spend all morning lounging in bed on an ordinary day. It’s funny how good things can come from awful situations.