Bingo Book # 10

Oh, Maggie Stiefvater fans, this will make you happy! Actually, this will make anyone with Ballad on their Bingo cards even happier, because that is our next Bingo pick. It’s the first Stiefvater novel to debut in the line-up, and one of the giveaways up for grabs. A signed version, no less. I should take this moment to mention the Fountain Bookstore, the independent bookstore where I purchased Maggie’s books. If you aren’t lucky enough to win a signed copy of one of her books or to live near one of the locations where she will be touring, the Fountain Bookstore sells autographed copies of all her books. It’s a great way to support one of your favorite authors and a wonderful independent bookstore at the same time. (There’s also a video of Maggie giving one of her readings on the site as well.)

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday whether you’re celebrating it as a holiday or simply a nice summer day. Around fireworks time, my husband and I will be heading out for a drive with the dog and our laptop. Our dog is a nervous wreck during fireworks, and we live in a neighborhood with many firework enthusiasts. (They’ve been doing practice runs since last Tuesday.) So this year we’ve decided to take Jack out for ice cream (all right, all right, that part’s for me) and then park someplace remote and watch a movie. Sounds like a fun little adventure to me. We’re going with Oh Heavenly Dog for our movie selection–we figure Jack will appreciate a canine flick.

One last 4th of July video before I go. I can’t resist–it’s the Muppets!


4 Responses to “Bingo Book # 10”

  1. Annette

    Uh. Too bad. "Ballad" is not on my card. :/ I wish it could be the cover of "Shiver", which my card contains.