Bingo Book # 14

***First, if a blog reader named Cynae is out there, could you please email me? I’d like your permission to feature your comment when Eleanora E. Tate’s book is called. For some reason the comment you left yesterday is not publishing. I’ve been trying to fix this, but can’t seem to get it resolved. I would like to forward your comment on to Ms. Tate and feature it here as well, as I thought what you had to say was incredibly moving and inspirational.***

Bingo Book #14 is Roads written by Marc Harshman and illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma. Her illustrations depict a family’s drive to visit the grandparents and all the sights and sounds along the way. It’s a beautifully illustrated, poetic story about a family road trip that made me nostalgic for the family road trips I took as a child. For educators, Mary Newell DePalma has a curriculum guide for this book (along with several of her others) posted on her website.