Bingo Book # 15

Bingo Book #15 is Carnival  by Alice K. Flanagan, illustrated by Roberta Collier-Morales. The description from the publisher, Coughlan Publishing: Holidays are a time of tradition, sharing, and fun. This book explores the history, customs, and symbols of Carnival. Learn how Carnival has changed over time and how it is celebrated around the world. This beautifully illustrated history is also filled with interesting and unusual facts about the holiday such as why people eat gumbo on Carnival and how “Fat Tuesday” got its name. What You Can Do During Carnival and Where You Can Learn More About Carnival additional resources are included. 

Roberta, or Bobbi as many people call her, is a treasured resource in my regional chapter of the SCBWI. She volunteers as the Illustrator Coordinator and is often generously offering her time and guidance to illustrators starting out on their own career paths. Bobbi shared her creative space with us on March 5.