Bingo Book # 17

Bingo book #17 is Click Here by Denise Vega. This is a fun, funny story about a 7th grader and her struggles adjusting to a new school. The description on Denise’s website sums it up best:
Seventh-grader Erin Swift has a talent for computers, a love of Snickers, and big feet that are great for soccer and useless for dancing. She has a lot on her mind: a new school where she and her best friend Jilly are separated for the first time in school, a crush on the Cute Boy in her homeroom, leading the school intranet project, and a role as a corncob in the school play.
Then real disaster strikes, and Erin sets off on a surprising journey to self-discovery—and the many meanings of cherry-flavored Tootsie Pops. 


To all of you writers out there pursuing publication, you might be interested to hear that Click Here was the sixth novel Denise wrote for young people, but the first to be accepted for publication. That’s a real-life example of why persistence is so important in this business. Now Denise has gone on to publish two more novels and two picture books (earning awards and rave reviews along the way) with a fourth novel titled Rock On coming soon from Little, Brown.
A new paperback cover will be reissued this fall when the sequel, Access Denied, is released in paperback.
And I thought it was fun to see this additional cover on her website. It’s the Swedish cover of Click Here: