Bingo Book # 19

Bingo Book #19 is A Band of Angels by Deborah Hopkinson. A Band of Angels is inspired by the Jubilee Singers, recently freed slaves who toured as a choir in 1871 to raise money for their college and became famous for introducing spirituals to the country. Deborah Hopkinson shared her creative space with us on March 29. One of the things I loved most about interviewing her was learning about how, despite having over 40 books published, she continues to work full time and she gets most of her writing done on an ironing board. Yes, an ironing board! It’s a good reminder that you don’t need a big desk or dedicated office space, and you can still create a thriving writing career for yourself while working full time. 

One Response to “Bingo Book # 19”

  1. Joan

    that is quite a cover.
    It oddly reminds me of Fiona when she's singing to the birds.. and they uh… explode :s

    but it's a great cover, I love the colors!

    and sadly, it's not on my bingo card *sigh*