Bingo Book #2

I forgot to mention last time–if the same book cover appears more than once on your game card, I made a mistake. I was fairly vigilant about checking for this but in the height of my card-making frenzy yesterday, I might have goofed. Each title will only be called once, so if you have duplicates please email me and let me know so I can send you a new and improved card.

And now, the next Bingo book cover is. . .

Jackson and Bud’s Bumpy Ride: America’s First Cross-Country Automobile Trip by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff, illustrated by Wes Hargis. Elizabeth was featured on June 21. This book is one of my favorite new-to-me books discovered while doing these interviews. I love this story of Horatio Jackson driving across country with his dog sidekick, and the illustrations make it extra fun. Elizabeth also informed me that Ken Burns did a documentary about this historical event titled Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip, which I’ve since put in my Netflix queue.