Bingo Book # 28

Bingo Book #28 is Shadow Falls by Amy Kathleen Ryan. Shadow Falls was Amy’s debut YA novel. Here’s the description from her website:

In her Grandfather’s bright Wyoming valley surrounded by the mighty Tetons, 15-year-old Annie McGraw wanders a forest of shadows. She and her older brother, Cody, always spent the summers here—Cody scaling the cliff walls with Grandpa, Annie tracking Yellowstone moose with her camera. But after the phone call, the valley, like the rest of Annie’s world, feels drained of color.

Annie wishes the summer could pass like a night of dreamless sleep—until a grizzly bear finds her on the riverbank. The bear spares her life, but it has a message for her. Suddenly Annie isn’t sure how she feels about anything. Like signs in a dark forest, strangers emerge along her path—a handsome guy with a dangerous smile, a little boy wise beyond his years, the man in the Teepee Tree. Even Grandpa, always so solid and distant, seems to hold secrets behind his icy blue eyes. Struggling under the weight of her grief, Annie begins to follow the signs, and to hear the grizzly’s message.

Amy Kathleen Ryan recently started a new blog called YA Tribe where she’s been posting some pretty funny videos. My favorite is this one about authors and how they react to Amazon reviews of their books:



  1. Ooh, one more to go! 🙂

  2. So close, yet still so far.

  3. Bingo! 5 books in a row is a considered a bingo, right?

  4. Hey! Stumbled across your blog .. you have quite a resume there! sounds like you have had some good jobs! 🙂

    And the plot thickens…

  5. Aik, if the 5 books line up in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row on your card then yes, that is a Bingo!

    Rachel, hi! Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog. 🙂

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