Bingo Book # 30

Bingo Book #30 is Faithful by Janet Fox. Janet shared her creative space with us on June 28. She also generously contributed a signed copy of Faithful to our Bingo game prize pool, so this is one of the books available to win. Faithful is her debut novel and was published in May of this year. Here is a summary of the plot, from the Class of 2K10 website:

Faithful, the story of 16-year-old Maggie Bennet, is a tale of romance and mystery set in 1904 in spectacular Yellowstone National Park.

In 1904 Margaret Bennet has it all – money, position, and an elegant family home in Newport, Rhode Island. But just as she is to enter society, her mother ruins everything, first with public displays, and finally by disappearing. Maggie’s confusion and loss are compounded when her father drags her to Yellowstone National Park, where he informs her that they will remain. At first Maggie’s only desire is to return to Newport. But the mystical beauty of the Yellowstone landscape, and the presence of young Tom Rowland, a boy unlike the others she has known, conspire to change Maggie from a spoiled girl willing to be constrained by society to a free-thinking and brave young woman living in a romantic landscape at the threshold of a new century.

3 Responses to “Bingo Book # 30”

  1. Bridget R. Wilson


    Faithful on 7-12
    Rebound on 7-12
    Free Space
    The Precfect Gift on 7-12
    Waiting out the Storn on 7-2

    Bridget Wilson


  2. Jenn (From the Mixed-Up Files)

    Oh my goodness, two on one card in the same day?! This is a lucky day for you! I just sent you an email regarding the other Bingo. (I'm limiting the Bingo prizes to one per person though.)