Bingo Book # 31

Bingo Book #31 is A Perfect Gift by Mary Newell DePalma. Mary shared her creative space with us on March 22. The Perfect Gift is her latest book, published by Arthur A. Levine Books earlier this year. It’s the story of Little Lorikeet who finds a beautiful strawberry she plans to take to her grandmother. But on her way “hip, hop, plop!” she drops the strawberry into the river where it sinks way down deep. A chipmunk, goose, and frog stop by to help her retrieve the strawberry, more trouble ensues, and they all end up working together to create a surprising and satisfying resolution to Little Lorikeet’s problems.

A fun fact I recently learned about Mary Newell DePalma, via Betsy Bird, is that she once was a professional knitter!  Betsy Bird (aka Fuse #8, School Library Journal blogger, NY public librarian extraordinaire) recommended this new blog titled Show and Tell Me, which featured Mary Newell DePalma’s knitted work. Show and Tell Me is now one of my new favorite places to check in. If you like my Creative Spaces interviews, getting a peek at where writers and illustrators work, I think you’ll also enjoy this blog. Children’s book creators show and tell from the categories of “where I work”, “favorite place”, “made it”, “found it”, and “quote I love”–brief posts that give you a glimpse into the lives of a variety of writers and illustrators. Here is the sweater they featured from Mary Newell DePalma:

4 Responses to “Bingo Book # 31”

  1. Bridget R. Wilson


    A Band of Angels on 7-7
    Happyface on 7-8
    The Perfect Gift on 7-12
    Love Puppies & Corner Kicks on 7-9
    Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese on 7-1

    Bridget Wilson


  2. LadybugSF

    I love show and tell me!!! What an adorable sweater…!!!! Um, and whomever is getting double bingos, who ARE you? How did you get the magic BINGO card???? Come over and bless mine, or something.

  3. Joan

    I keep getting them in the wrong places!
    Frustrating but exciting, nevertheless x)