Bingo Book # 32

Before we get to our next Bingo Book, I want to answer a few frequently asked questions I’ve received.

First, we’ve had 7 Bingo winners so far! Congratulations to Susan, Mike, Maryanne, Victoria, Dawn, Camille, and Bridget! The remaining prizes available to win are: Heart of a Shepherd (hardback and paperback), ARC of Linger, signed Ballad, signed Fact of Life #31, signed Celeste’s Harlem Renaissance, signed Faithful, and Bobby vs. the Girls.

Second, there’s been some confusion over what was Bingo Book #11. Bingo Book #11 is The Nutcracker Doll by Mary Newell DePalma. This book was announced with my interview with Bobbi Miller and so both of her book covers ran with her interview, but neither of those books have been drawn for Bingo yet. (So One Fine Trade and Davy Crockett Got Hitched should not be crossed off your Bingo card.) I apologize for any confusion. Perhaps from here on out I’ll post the Bingo titles separately from the Maggie Stiefvater and Dan Santat interviews that are coming up–would that help avoid any future confusion?

And now, on to Bingo Book #32!

It’s Night of the Moon by Hena Khan and illustrated by Julie Paschkis. The description from the book’s website reads:

The sighting of the Moon’s first crescent begins the month of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world. This vibrantly illustrated story invites children to experience the traditions of the month through the eyes of a seven-year-old Pakistani-American girl named Yasmeen, who watches every night as the moon grows and shrinks and finally disappears. When the moon’s first crescent reappears, it’s time to celebrate “The Night of the Moon” (chaand raat in the Urdu language) and the gift-giving holiday of Eid—when Yasmeen has a wonderful gift in store!

With lush illustrations that evoke Islamic art, this beautiful story of growing awareness offers a window into modern Muslim-American culture—and into the ancient traditions that its traditions have grown from.

This book received excellent reviews including a starred review from Booklist. Publisher’s Weekly wrote: “Sweet and visually striking, this is a good choice both for children who celebrate these holidays and for others seeking a bridge to their culture.”


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