Bingo Book # 35

Our next Bingo book is Celeste’s Harlem Renaissance by Eleanora E. Tate, which is also one of the available prizes. Celeste’s Harlem Renaissance is set in 1921 during the Harlem Renaissance and features 13-year-old violin playing Celeste who dreams of becoming a doctor. When her father is diagnosed with tuberculosis, she is sent to live with her Aunt Valentina, an actress Celeste thinks of as fancy and living a lavish lifestyle. But when she arrives in Harlem, she discovers Aunt Valentina’s situation is anything but what she’d anticipated. Celeste’s Harlem Renaissance was an International Reading Association Teacher’s Choice award winner. Publishers Weekly  wrote “In Celeste, Tate has created a fully realized heroine, whose world expands profoundly as she’s exposed to both the cultural pinnacles and racial prejudices of her era.” Eleanora E. Tate shared her creative space with us on May 31. 

Reader Cynae Punch left a comment on Eleanora E. Tate’s interview with a wonderful story about how Ms. Tate made a very personal connection with Cynae as a child. If you click on the interview, I highly recommend you scroll down to read her comment and story.

7 Responses to “Bingo Book # 35”

  1. AJohnson

    This is Analine. If Bingo counts across then I have Bingo.
    Book 27,15,free,35 and 8

    Let me know

  2. Julia B

    I actually got a double Bingo! out of that book, but woe is me…I was 17 ( maybe later than that now!) I had so much fun! Thanks for all the hard work!

  3. MamaGames

    Wow! Too bad the bingoes are all in… because I only now got to check and my daughter Joselyn needed this one as well to Bingo. You can add her to the runner-up list. 😀

    We'd love to play again. Maybe next time you can have runner-up prizes available (now that you know how many of us would love to play!) like bookmarks, promo postcards, etc. (Ayun Halliday has fantastic Heinie temporary tattoos, for example!)