Bingo Book # 8

Our next Bingo book comes from the set of author interviews that were the original seeds for my Creative Spaces project. Creative Spaces, as some of you know, was originally a column I did for the Rocky Mountain chapter of the SCBWI newsletter. Back then it was called Inside the Studio and Amy Kathleen Ryan was featured in the Spring 2009 issue.

Bingo book #8 is her most recent novel Zen and Xander Undone, published in May of this year from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She recently made a book trailer for the book. Check it out:


One Response to “Bingo Book # 8”

  1. Rachel

    Woo! *crosses off 3rd book* Though it is very inconveniently located on the card. 😉

    Hmmm, intriguing trailer, too!