Bingo Book #Tom’s Tricks

Continuing with the topic of random Bingo trivia, in traditional Bingo, many of the letter-number combinations have nicknames. Here are some I found:

B-1 Little Guy
B-8 Garden Gate
B-14 Valentine’s Day
I-17 Dancing Queen
I-19 Goodbye Teens
I-30 Dirty Gertie
N-32 Buckle My Shoe
N-44 Droopy Drawers
G-50 Hawaii-5-0
G-57 Heinz Varieties
O-66 Route 66
O-75 Big Guy

So I guess we can call this next book cover Tom’s Tricks (#6): Waiting Out the Storm written by JoAnn Early Macken and illustrated by Susan Gaber. This book received a starred review from Booklist who said, “Lovely to look at and pleasing to listen to, this is just right for reading aloud on a rainy day.” JoAnn showed us her creative space on May 17.

3 Responses to “Bingo Book #Tom’s Tricks”

  1. Bobbi Miller

    This is a beautiful book. I've read about her process as she wrote this book, and what she hoped to achieve regarding emotional impact. JoAnn achieved it to perfection.