Let’s Bingo!

Welcome everyone to the First Possibly Annual (But Let’s Just See How This Goes) Summer Fun Creative Spaces Book Cover Bingo Game! As of typing this post there were 56 people signed up to play–considering my goal was to have enough people signed up that all the prizes could be won, I think you could say I was happily surprised. (And still, great odds for you to win!) Thank you to each of you for participating. Because of you all, we’re in for a fun month!

So, everybody have their crisply printed game card? Daubers ready? (If you are visiting here for the first time, visit here for a full run-down on how to play. You are more than welcome to join the game at any point this month.)

Some parting words before I draw our first Bingo cover:

The first Bingo book cover is Through Georgia’s Eyes by Rachel Rodriguez, illustrated by Julie Paschkis! Rachel’s creative space was featured on March 8. Visit her interview to see the critters who keep her company (and loot her chocolate drawer) while she works, or to learn about the power of the PWN. Julie was featured on April 26. She has one of the cutest little work distractions I think I’ve seen.

8 Responses to “Let’s Bingo!”

  1. KHazelrigg

    Darn it. Not on my card. So much for my plan to win in just 5 days…. 😉

  2. Nikki Tate-Stratton

    Hello Games Master-
    I requested a card but it didn't arrive! Please, oh please send me one… I can't bear to miss out on the fun! nikkitate at gmail dot com
    Thanks very much!

  3. Jenn (From the Mixed-Up Files)

    Oh shoot, sorry about that Nikki! I even have one saved for you so I'm not sure what happened there. I just sent you an email so a game card should be waiting for you. Let me know if it's not.