Inspiration Sunday

I couldn’t sleep this morning and got up at 5am. At 6:30 I was treated to this beautiful sunrise. Nature never fails to inspire me.

What’s been inspiring you lately? Share a link to a photo or story in the comments if you’d like.

6 Responses to “Inspiration Sunday”

  1. Cinette

    Over the last week or so, I have found myself to be inspired by all the wonderful blogs I've discovered, and the positive feedback everyone shares in the writing community. I can't wait to be a member!

  2. Jane Heitman Healy

    What a beautiful sunrise! Thanks so much for posting. I, too, am inspired by nature. No pics or writing to prove it, but my last week's trip to the zoo was full of inspiration. πŸ™‚

  3. Jenn (From the Mixed-Up Files)

    I 100% agree with you, Cinette. I'm always inspired by reading other blogs, and the blogging community in general. Welcome to the fold! I enjoyed visiting your blog. πŸ™‚

    You're welcome, Jane! I love zoo trips too. I could sit and stare at animals all day.

    Thank you, Kara! I hadn't previously known about the statue you posted a picture of. Definitely something that would be neat to see in person one day.