The Dalai Lama, Meadow Soprano, and The Fonz Walk Into a Bar. . .

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I follow the Dalai Lama on Twitter. The other day Twitter kindly suggested I might also enjoy following Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Henry Winkler because of my interest in the Dalai Lama.

Meadow Soprano, The Fonz, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. They totally belong in the same club, don’t they?

My curiosity was piqued. For all I know, maybe Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Henry Winkler are spiritual, inspirational tweeters. So I did a comparison study:

“From the first day of our life until our last breath, the very foundation of our existence is affection and human wrath.” (Dalai Lama)

“The fog is lifting here in Boston. . . I can my shoes now” [sic] (Henry Winkler)

“Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce. This song gets me every time.” (Jamie-Lynn Sigler)

Ah, yes Twitter! I can see the similarities here. They all, umm. . . use vowels! And also consonants. So they have that in common.

But while comparing these tweets I thought of a great game idea. Who wants to play. . .

[insert canned applause and flashing lights]

Okay, everybody, who tweeted the following?

1. Working on my video budget. Man, this economy–do you have any idea how much meat dresses are going for these days??

A. Dan Santat
B. Lady Gaga
C. Weird Al Yankovic

2. When life gives you a lemon, say thank you. I mean, you just got a free lemon.

A. Nathan Bransford
B. Jimmy Fallon
C. Tina Fey

3. Dear Person Who Graffitied Inside The Urinal at the University Library: The earth contains so many surfaces. Choose better. Yours, John.

A. John Stamos
B. John Green
C. John Malkovich

4. A simple way to insure that a missing object isn’t always the last place you look for it: keep looking after you’ve found it.

A. Martha Stewart
B. Mo Willem’s Pigeon
C. Judy Blume

5. NINJAS. . . YESSSSS!!!!!!!

A. Charlie Sheen
B. The Dalai Lama
C. Kanye West


Answers: 1. C, 2. A, 3. B, 4. B, 5. C

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3 Responses to “The Dalai Lama, Meadow Soprano, and The Fonz Walk Into a Bar. . .”

  1. LadybugSF

    I like that you put Nathan Bransford in with Tina Fey… she'll be so flattered… p.s. my word verification says "mantint" what is this? And does my husband need one?

  2. Jenn (From the Mixed-Up Files)

    Thanks, Maryanne!

    And Kath–MANTINT! I love it! I hope I have the occasion to use this glorious new word soon. (But I hope the occasion is not because my husband comes home with a horrible fake tan.)