An Alternative to the Cave of Revision

Writers often use the phrase “Cave of Revision” when they’re in the midst of an intense stretch of revising. It conjures up the idea of isolation and cutting yourself off from society, which may or may not be a mentally sound practice but is what many of us writers feel the need to do in order to dig deep with revisions and


It helps your imaginary world come alive if you can dim the noise in your real world.

But you know, I’m not so keen on the idea of a cave. Caves are spooky and dark. I’d be too twitchy about bats and spiders to get any real work done. And bears and snakes too, now that I think about it. Plus, caves are chilly. The chills can be countered with a campfire, but that would just up the spooky factor with all those shadows cast by flickering flames. And I don’t know how wise it is to have a fire source so convenient when you are working with the fragile and temperamental process of revising. Crumpled paper in a trash can is an impulse that can be taken back. Not so much with a fire.

This is where I’ve been and where I’m at right now, immersed in finishing up a last draft of a novel before I’m ready to send it out into the world to test its fates. But rather than considering it the Cave of Revision, I’m calling it the Cabana of Revision.

You too can have your own Cabana of Revision, compliments of Modern Cabana.

The Cabana of Revision is a well-lit, tranquil spot, similarly remote like a cave, but with air conditioning and heating. (Indoor plumbing too–I didn’t think about that before. Another downside to the cave.) Screens on the windows keep the bugs out and the breeze in. There’s a calming view of the ocean, a clean desk, a shelf with my reference books, and a jar chock full of self-restraint to keep me from going online too often. Every so often my husband rows over from Reality with the dog and cat to help me maintain my sanity (too late. . . ), and remind me of all the good stuff I’m missing out on so I’m encouraged to finish up the revisions and lock up the cabana until next time.

So, if you’ve noticed my blog posts have been less frequent than usual, and there has been a lull in Creative Spaces interviews, this is why. I’ve retreated to the cabana of revisions. Regularly posted interviews and more fiddle faddle from me will resume shortly. I hope you’ll be patient with me in the meantime.

Okay, I’m stepping back in the cabana. Hope to see you back here soon!

6 Responses to “An Alternative to the Cave of Revision”

  1. Kai

    Oh, I love the cabana! This is such great timing since I plan to go into revision mode next week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. mfantaliswrites

    What a beautiful space to write in! Good luck with the revisions, and we are all eagerly (yet patiently) awaiting your return to the blogosphere. 🙂

  3. Tammy Flanders

    Congratulations, Jennifer! I think you’re a Versatile Blogger.
    I know not everyone likes getting blog awards so do as you will, just know that your writing is appreciated. If you’ve been previously nominated — Congratulations, again! This has been an opportunity for me to send out a note of appreciation for the writing you do and let you know that I’ve learn from you.
    Thank you.
    Apples with Many Seeds

    PS. Sign me up for the cabana treatment, too.