Youth One Book, One Denver!


I am so happy to share this news today–I’ve had to sit on it for quite a while! Book Scavenger was chosen by the youth of Denver to be the featured title for the Youth One Book, One Denver reading program this summer! This means that not only is the book recommended as a citywide read, but there are tons and tons of cool activities and programs being planned using themes from Book Scavenger. Kids will get to do things like:

  • Work with the Colorado Symphony to help produce original music based on elements of the story.
  • Make their own comic book versions of the book.
  • Learn about costume design from cosplay artists.
  • Learn bookbinding techniques for making their own book.
  • Make their own chemical detective kit at science sleuth camp.

Isn’t that cool? There’s also a citywide scavenger event, writing workshops, art workshops, and so many more things. Seriously–it blows my mind to hear about everything that’s being planned.

This morning when I spoke at the book selection announcement (and met the mayor! OMG, I met Mayor Hancock! He’s super nice and funny, FYI), I talked about how my character Mr. Griswold believes in the power of literature and games to bring together a community and create bonds between friends and family. The Youth One Book, One Denver program is exactly the sort of thing Mr. Griswold aspires to do. He wants to inspire people to not only pick up a book and read, but to make connections with the world and people around them through books.

There are a ton of people who have been working really hard behind-the-scenes to get this program off the ground this summer, and who will continue working hard through the summer to create memorable experiences for everybody who participates, and I am so appreciative for the dedication and creativity of everyone involved. It is a tremendous honor for my book to have this experience.

If you’re local to Denver, you can find out more about the program and upcoming events here: