Looking Back #16: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Ferry Building

I’m counting down to the publication of The Unbreakable Code with highlights from the past two years since Book Scavenger was published. So much has happened in such a short time, and I’ve been so busy trying to keep up, that I’ve neglected to share many of the big and small moments. So here we go, in no particular order . . .

*  *  *


That’s me sitting on the “third bench down the pier” at the Ferry Building, a reference you’ll recognize if you’ve read Book Scavenger.

I was driving by myself down the freeway in a rental car on my way to the Ferry Building Book Passage for my second bookstore event when the car made a loud noise and jolted, like I’d hit something in the road. I couldn’t see anything in the rear view mirror and for a fleeting moment I hoped everything would be fine and I could keep driving, but it became very clear the car was not fine and I needed to pull over immediately.

I’d blown a tire, and I didn’t have enough time to wait for a tow truck and the rental company to sort everything out. I was freaking out big time. A pick-up truck behind me on the freeway noticed my car troubles and followed me off to the shoulder. A man and woman got out and asked if I was okay. They probably expected me to be stressed out about my car, but instead I babbled about my first book being published and how I was going to a bookstore event and was worried I’d be late and all these people had gone out of their way to be there and I didn’t want to let them down . . .

They were surprised to learn I wrote children’s books and it cracks me up to remember how my stressed out brain defaulted to pitch mode, “It’s a middle grade mystery set in San Francisco . . .” I even gave them a bookmark!

The couple waited until they knew my husband was on his way to pick me up, before continuing on their journey. I like to imagine that they kept the bookmark and occasionally one of them comes across it and say, “Hey, remember that time we stopped and helped that lady on the side of 280?” Thank you, good people, wherever you are.


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