Middle Grade Summer Reading Bingo!

If you’ve been with me for a long time, you might remember when I did an interview series on my blog with children’s book creators called Creative Spaces. (Those interviews can be found to your right in the right sidebar.) To go along with those interviews, I also ran the occasional “Book Cover Bingo!” game, which was a lot of fun.

I was thinking about those things recently, and about how much I love middle grade literature, and how we have so many fantastic books being made for kids these days. I was a children’s bookseller in 1999 (Linden Tree Books, whoop whoop!), and there were some great books being published then, but it is incredible how far we’ve come. The range of stories being published now makes it feel like there is truly something for every reader out there, and that is a wonderful thing.

I wanted to do something to shine a light on this and celebrate middle grade literature, and with summer quickly approaching I thought, “Why not make a list of middle grade titles but in the form of a game people can play?” So that’s what I have for you today: Middle Grade Summer Reading Bingo!

How to play is simple: Pick the books you want to read, and read them! Score a traditional bingo by reading a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of books. Or maybe you want to go for the “four corners” or “outside edge” bingo. Or, for the very ambitious, go for a “full house” and read them all!

Middle Grade Summer Reading Bingo is not just for kids; grownups can play too! Even if middle grade literature isn’t typically your thing, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy reading these stories. If you have kids in your life, this can be a great activity for bonding over books.

All titles are published in the United States, so they might not be as easy to find if you’re in another country, but everyone is welcome to participate no matter where you live.

Teachers, librarians, booksellers, book groups, kid lit enthusiasts, anyone looking for a community activity—feel free to share this activity with the readers in your life. To print out the Bingo board, you can find the PDF file here.

If you’d like a prize when you get a bingo, email me through my website with your bingo titles and a mailing address, and I will send you an assortment of bookmarks and stickers, while supplies last.

I’ve linked to all the titles on Bookshop, where you can learn more about each one. Purchasing books through Bookshop supports independent bookstores, but of course you don’t need to buy the books to participate in Book Cover Bingo. All titles should be available at your local library, and if one isn’t, consider asking your library to add it to their collection. (Many libraries have a form for requesting new titles, and will be happy to add books they know their patrons want to read.) Another idea is to form a group that will share the books with one another.

If you’re on social media, share your Bingo progess as you go along. Let people know about the books you love! Use the hashtag #MiddleGradeSummerReadingBingo so others can find the posts. Let’s make this a summer of celebrating reading, middle grade literature, and having fun with books!