Jennifer Bertman

Sisterhood of Sleuths Book Trailer Design Thinking Project

Led by Marnie Steele, a teacher librarian at Meadowlark School, students participated in a Design Thinking Project where they read an advance copy of Sisterhood of Sleuths, met with me to discuss the book and what a good book trailer might consist of, and then worked independently or in groups to create their own book trailers. I was so impressed by their hard work and the videos they came up with! Participating in this project was one of my most favorite memories of the book launch for Sisterhood of Sleuths in 2022. Here are all the book trailers that were created:… Read the rest

Book + Gift Pairing Suggestions

If you’re gifting any of my books for the holidays (or any time of year!) I’m always happy to send along a signed bookplate, bookmark, and stickers to include with your gift. Email me your request for a bookplate through the contact page on my website with your address and how you would like the bookplate personalized, and I will get it in the mail for you ASAP. In my December 2023 newsletter, I pulled together a collection of ideas for gifts that would make a great pairing with the Book Scavenger series, as well as my other middle-grade novel, Sisterhood of Sleuths, and my picture book A Good Deed Can Grow.… Read the rest

Two Recent Interviews

Recently, I was interviewed by Abigail and James for their 2 Kids Interview Authors series on YouTube. Here’s the video if you’d like to check it out:   Sharing this video also reminded me that I’m not sure I ever made a blog post for an earlier interview I did about Sisterhood of Sleuths called “Cover to Cover.” So here’s a link to watch that as well!    … Read the rest

Introducing: A GOOD DEED CAN GROW!

It’s here! Hooray! I’m thrilled to introduce you to my debut picture book, A Good Deed Can Grow, illustrated by Holly Hatam, words by me! Discover the ripple effects of doing a good deed in this interactive picture book about the importance of kindness.   A good deed can grow like a seed. . . .  Join a loving community as they work to create a better world. Whether planting a garden or visiting a sick friend, picking up litter or playing music at the senior center, kind actions—no matter how big or small—can spread like a ripple, impacting the lives of others for the better.… Read the rest