Cynthia Chapman Willis

A Peek at the Creative Space of Cynthia Chapman Willis

This week we’re chatting with author Cynthia Chapman Willis about her writing space. Cynthia is the author of the middle grade novels Dog Gone and Buck Fever. Dog Gone, her first novel, was reviewed by Kirkus as follows: Willis’s debut novel skillfully navigates the subject of parental loss. Twelve-year-old Dill Macgregor has been hurting since her mother died. She tries to keep her sorrow hidden away, but her grief-stricken daddy, Lyon, and granddad, GD, keep at her to talk about her feelings. Then Lyon goes and gives away all of Mom’s animals except one, Dead End the dog. Now that Mom’s gone, Dead End has started roaming; Dill and GD believe he’s looking for her.… Read the rest