Diane deGroat

A Peek at the Creative Space of Diane deGroat

This week’s creative space belongs to writer and illustrator Diane deGroat. Diane deGroat’s artwork carries a special nostalgic weight for me because she was the illustrator for the Anastasia Krupnik series of books by Lois Lowry (and the spin-off series about Anastasia’s brother Sam), which were probably my all-time favorite books to read growing up. Lois Lowry’s words brought Anastasia to life for me, but whenever I imagine her it’s Diane deGroat’s illustrations that I picture. I remember studying those jacket covers for their details–Frank the fish, Anastasia’s notebook, the Amelia Earhart t-shirt she was wearing. According to her website, Diane deGroat has illustrated over 120 books for other authors (A Pinky is a Baby Mouse by Pam Munoz Ryan is a wonderful read-aloud; A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting is a fun holiday story about sharing the holiday with friends; and Sunshine Home also by Eve Bunting is beautifully illustrated and tackles the tough subject of a grandparent going into a nursing home).… Read the rest