Leslie Bulion

A Peek at the Creative Space of Leslie Bulion

Joining us today for Creative Spaces is author Leslie Bulion. Leslie has published a range of books spanning middle grade novels, picture books, and science poetry. Some of her titles include At the Sea Floor Cafe, The Trouble with Rules, Hey There, Stink Bug!, Uncharted Waters, and Fatuma’s New Cloth. This week she’s celebrating the publication of her latest novel, The Universe of Fair: Miller Sanford, an engaging eleven year old science whiz tries to show his parents he’s responsible enough to enjoy the town fair without parental supervision, but events conspire against him. Instead of a freewheeling fair day, Miller is drawn into a mishap-filled fair day he never imagined, involving a string of tag-along first graders, lemon meringue pie, witch pumpkins and flying death heads!… Read the rest