Resolutions, I’ve Had a Few

I’ve recently joined the Emu’s Debuts blog, a gathering of EMLA (Erin Murphy Literary Agency) clients who have books debuting in the near future and who blog about their experiences. Today was my first post and so I’m cross-posting it here. This post was in response to a question  Emu Debuter Laurie Ann Thomspon asked in her last post: “Do any of you do any kind of year-end self-review or forward-looking career planning?” If you aren’t familiar with the Emu’s Debuts blog, please come on over and visit! It’s a great resource for writers or for people interested in learning more about the publishing process.… Read the rest

Notes to My Revising Self

A friend is in that tough stretch of novel revisions where you’re so close to the end, but you’ve been putting in long hours and you’re starting to lose perspective. That place where you start to question your sanity and how far off the finish line really is and if it’s all worth it anyway and maybe you should just give up and do something practical or validating or relaxing with your time. I was in that same spot so recently, it was easy for me to slip back into that suit of anguish and self-doubt. My friend wrote to a group of writers asking for advice.… Read the rest