Shiny New Website and Giveaway!

If you are reading this somewhere other than, please hop on over to the website to check out the new and improved spruced up look! You’ll also find some new content as well–more bio info, a collected grouping of interviews, school visit info, upcoming events . . . And I hope to add more useful bits over time as well. A huge thank you to Jenny Medford of Websy Daisy, who is awesome to work with. She also designed the Book Scavenger website, which you should totally check out if you haven’t already. 😉 GIVEAWAY! To celebrate the new website, I’m giving away a signed copy of Book Scavenger to one newsletter subscriber (US and Canada only).… Read the rest

What Would Garrison Griswold Do?

(Cross-posted from EMU’s Debuts) I’ve been in the midst of making promotional plans for Book Scavenger. I’ve sought out advice from other authors on what they recommend and don’t recommend for your debut book, and the only bit of advice that everyone seems to agree on is this: The best thing you can do to promote your first book is write your next book. Okay, cool, I’m doing that! I have two more books scheduled to come out in 2016 and 2017, and I’m currently working on both simultaneously. One is in the outline/first draft stage, and the other is nearing the end of its second revision.… Read the rest

Because, you know, that’s the dream right?

Here’s a video that I thought was pretty darn funny. It’s about book promotion and even though I haven’t been there yet, it had me laughing out loud. If you’ve had the experience of promoting your own book I think you will either 1.) laugh in solidarity with Mr. Cass or 2.) curl up in a ball on your kitchen floor, pound your fists and wail, “It’s all too much!” I’m not sure which. And I’ll tell you, I hadn’t heard of Dennis Cass before, but after watching the video I visited his author’s website/blog and now I want to check out his book.… Read the rest