December Already?

Last Saturday, this is what we woke up to. Beautiful way to head into the month of December don’t you think? (Nevermind that today, in the actual month of December, it was in the high 60s and the snow has all melted.) Snowy days are great for bundling up in sweats and slippers, holing up in my office with a steaming hot mocha, and writing writing writing. I’d like to say that’s how I spent this last snowy Saturday, but it’s not. My brother and family were still visiting in the morning and after we saw them off, there was laundry, vacuuming up the feathers from decorating the dog, a general straightening of the house, and I finished reading my friend’s novel in progress for our writer’s meeting on Sunday.… Read the rest

Colorado Weather

Last week we had a little snowstorm; yesterday and today it’s been in the high 80s. My tulips haven’t even shown off their flowers yet and it feels like we’re deep into summer. It’s quite a bizarre thing to have bare trees and bushes, and little tufts of green beginning to poke out of the ground here and there, but have it feel like the middle of the July. And tomorrow we’re supposed to have snow again. Ahhh, Colorado in April. Is there a place with more bipolar weather tendencies than this? I’ve lived here for almost 4 years now, so this really shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it does.… Read the rest